Hope Swann

I am an Archaeologist of Inner Realms... an Intrepid Interpreter of the Mundane... a Hunter-Gatherer on a Sacred Walkabout... a Creatrix of Mirth, Whimsy and Chaos and...

I am a Mom and a "Wayla"(Abuela) to a wonderful tribe of amazing and very funny people and I am married to a very tall man whom I adore. I am an avid reader of almost everything and a mediocre but obsessive Sudoku-player... and...

I am a Sagittarius with Libra Rising and a Libra Moon... the Owl has been my totem animal since childhood... I'm an Enneagram Type Four (can you tell?)... I've traveled many eclectic paths within myself and out in the world ... and...

I am fond of gin-and-tonics (heavy on the lime,) copal incense, good vanilla ice cream, my dog Choco, wind, Emeril's Big Easy Bold coffee, the high desert and wild places generally, Baroque music, the full moon, and old Blue Fish t-shirts.

It is my belief that life is too short for uncomfortable shoes, any wine that isn't red, bad coffee and mean people.

I am a largely self-taught mixed media artist working primarily in found object assemblage. I love the history and mystery of found objects. My work generally focuses on my dreams and personal spiritual work... on information that is lost to our waking consciousness... on archetypal knowledge, specifically the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine and the re-sacralizing of the Earth and The Shadow. I truly believe “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."

I live and play in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, and Charlotte, NC, USA where my life overflows with abundant blessings. I try to live with gratitude, humor, creativity and compassion. Really, what else is there?


The copyright of all the designs on this website are held by the artist. No designs or images on this site may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the artist.



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